Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why you no blog no more?

Ok, Ok.
I've been on vacation. I should be filling your lives with laughter. Or at least a chuckle or two. Instead I have been.....JOB SEARCHING. Ok. So I look at jobs, and wonder, is Paluso Washington a fun place to live? Would Carl be happy there? Would I be happy there? When it says experienced, do I count what I have already done as experience? Then I get hyperactivity of the gut and close the window. And go back to tweaking my resume. This is a scary time. I'm picking out where I want to live. Somehow I also need to finagle time off school to go look at jobs. Which given my Large Animal Surgery filled summer, I really don't care about missing, but also, don't want to have to make up.
Let's talk about graduation! I am too lazy/busy( I would just like to point out I spent 5 minutes googling how to draw a line through the word lazy)to post pictures at this point, and my computer's efficency makes me want to abandon it in an airline terminal, so you'll have to wait. I do have some other highlights.
At the 99 cent Jack's store, a crazy man complimented me on my hair and eyes, and then explained why he was purchasing Close Up toothpaste to care for the few teeth he had left, so he could one day spend 10,000 dollars to buy new ones. And then he would be able to meet an attractive lady like myself. As I was in line to pay for my umbrella(and when an umbrella costs 1.49 and then 24 hours later literally blows apart, don't be shocked)I couldn't really leave, so I just kept trying to turn around and look for Carl, who saw me talking to a crazy man and KEPT WALKING BY. Thanks Carl.
The empire state building. Two tourists asked me if I had one the biggest loser? Although one might find this insulting, she asked me if I won, not if I got voted off on the first episode. Commense googling of person I apparently looked like.

Tara looks better in spandex than I would at this point. I consider it a compliment. And two people looking for a celebrity sighting.
We did see the lead singer from Warrant in McDonald's on 7th. KT pointed him out to me but I thought she was gesturing towards an asian business man, and was confused that there was an asian lead singer to Warrant.
Graduation was fantastic, and deserves it's own post. With pictures.

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