Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm sitting here on a Friday night, having just enjoyed a delicious tuna and avocado sandwich(a delicious but odd combination, which was put together after discussion with Leya on the phone- Leya=BFF). I am currently alone. I am almost never alone. Carl is almost always home, and I am the one "working"(working implies payment after all) 12-14 hour days, and then I come home, and then I leave again, and I'm never alone at work, and I get used to having people around.
Today Carl went home to enjoy some quality time with his version of a BFF. I went to the mall by myself. As I wandered around looking for jeans(is 70 dollars alot for jeans these days? Is that what the kids are paying?), and I felt akwardly too old for the junior department, but not old enough for the grown up department, I realized I had no one to go the mall with. Being on the island for almost 3 years pretty much inundated you with a constant stream of friends who always had the same free time you did, and conseqently, things became a huge group affair. Living with one of my best friends(yay KT!) also ensured that on a Saturday afternoon, there would be someone to hold up the other sofa(I always got the actual sofa, KT got the loveseat. There's a 7 inch height difference.)and watch silly TV with. I miss that. I miss my friends who graduated already. I didn't, even if I HAD to call someone to go with, have anyone who is in town to call. I enjoy my alone time, but I don't want it to be because that's my only option.
5 days till the Ross Reunion and Graduation!! And until then, I will watch the Real Housewives of New York, and enjoy the silence. And call my sisters and friends on the phone. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bradenton, FL

Hi Everyone! I've been busy.
I started Neurology this week, I found out I passed my boards, and I am gearing up to start the job search. I just wanted to share Laura and Mike's beautiful wedding from last weekend. Truly one of the best I had been to. Lots of dancing, fun, and most of all, friends.
Our table.

We had a great time! New York City in less than 2 weeks....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Why you shouldn't go to CVS at 3am.

So I am in Tampa until today, and while I am supposed to be cleaning the apartment I'm staying in(it says to clean both bathrooms....I didn't even step foot on both bathrooms. Ok, not completely true. Some days after arriving here at 3am I would inspect behind the door and shower curtain to make sure I was alone. Which really, if I wasn't, what would I do?. Ok, back to the story), I have 1 hour to clean this apartment, and I'm writing a blog. I'm such a procrastinator.
I'm still awaiting my national board scores in the mail, because Tennessee couldn't do electronic reporting like 15 other states that appparently all my classmates applied through. If I see one more facebook update with I passed, I may have to call Tennessee and explain why it's so important they just tell me over the phone. Because my facebook status deserves to be updated too. Congratulations to all those who passed, and know they did. And now most of you are probably asking me why I applied through TN, being that I've never been there before. Well, I did go to Graceland once, because my sister Sallie insisted we stop there to visit the home of Elvis. Then she couldn't find a shirt in the gift shop she wanted, blah, was overrated. Tennessee can be it's own blog. Back to CVS.
I needed contact solution. So after my last shift at FVS, I decided to take advantage of the 24 hour CVS. I was tired people. I walked in, took a basket, and compulsive shopping set in like it was my job. OOOH, 75% off Lip Gloss! I never wear lip gloss, but it's so cheap! OOOOHHH, a new item! Organic Shampoo and Conditioner! Sulfate Free! I need it! OOOOH, Greeting Cards! Laura and Mike need one for their wedding(that was actually justified, the dairy milk candy bar and sprite zero not so much). I spent 34 dollars. Oh, I forgot. I bought clear nail polish, because after having the first manicure in approximately 5 years, I chipped one of my bright red nails at work. Actually I think I subconciously chipped it with my other nail, then remembered WHY I never get my nails painted, because this always happens. Also, when I went to get the pedicure yesterday, I feel that my legs were perhaps slightly less "shaven", then they needed to be, and spent my head buried in my Glamour magazine avoiding eye contact because I feared judgement.
Off to Bradenton for a wedding and Ross Reunion! Then back to school on Monday. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
Today=my first day off in since March 9th. Freaking FANTASTIC!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

From a Distance

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. This day conveys mixed emotions in me for several different reasons, ones most of you know, but for others, I am just not ready to discuss with the internet world.
I talked to my grandmother(Geema) today for a while. Geema is my mother's mother, and is my only living grandparent. She tells me she wishes I were a mother today too.( I suppose Leroy, Lois, and Mitter T do not count to everyone).
We talk for a while, and she convinces me that I need to live near family when I am done. I feel like I do too. But what is my family? Is it my friends that I consider closer than my family? Is it my family that I share blood relation but no relationship with? Who do I want to say is most important? I cannot pick just one person I think. I feel like I am torn in so many directions right now, should I take the test to practice in Florida? (This test is 8000 dollars, and there's a bit of a waiting list), or should I just move to a new state and try something new? Alone? Carl is going to be deployed shortly after we move, so I really will be alone. I also am afraid of living in a place that snows, but something tells me I'm going to have to deal.
I feel like I have a few really big decisions to make in the next few months, ones that will impact the rest of my life, and I just don't feel ready to do so yet. I always wanted to go to vet school, that was my dream, but no one told me what I was supposed to do when I finished.
For now I will be happy with these little guys.

Happy Mother's day to every Mother, Step-mother, Mother in Law, Grandmother, or just anyone who helped to make someone's life better by showing them the way.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A picture is worth a 1000 words...

So here's alot of words.
Welcome to large animal land.

DJ Tanner's comforter from full house.


This sign belongs to a pony that may work for a famous mouse, or rather a glass slipper wearing princess that is associated with said famous mouse.

One of my patients.

It's nice to see the sun everyday.