Sunday, May 10, 2009

From a Distance

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. This day conveys mixed emotions in me for several different reasons, ones most of you know, but for others, I am just not ready to discuss with the internet world.
I talked to my grandmother(Geema) today for a while. Geema is my mother's mother, and is my only living grandparent. She tells me she wishes I were a mother today too.( I suppose Leroy, Lois, and Mitter T do not count to everyone).
We talk for a while, and she convinces me that I need to live near family when I am done. I feel like I do too. But what is my family? Is it my friends that I consider closer than my family? Is it my family that I share blood relation but no relationship with? Who do I want to say is most important? I cannot pick just one person I think. I feel like I am torn in so many directions right now, should I take the test to practice in Florida? (This test is 8000 dollars, and there's a bit of a waiting list), or should I just move to a new state and try something new? Alone? Carl is going to be deployed shortly after we move, so I really will be alone. I also am afraid of living in a place that snows, but something tells me I'm going to have to deal.
I feel like I have a few really big decisions to make in the next few months, ones that will impact the rest of my life, and I just don't feel ready to do so yet. I always wanted to go to vet school, that was my dream, but no one told me what I was supposed to do when I finished.
For now I will be happy with these little guys.

Happy Mother's day to every Mother, Step-mother, Mother in Law, Grandmother, or just anyone who helped to make someone's life better by showing them the way.

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  1. You can't get rid of me, no matter where you go!