Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm sitting here on a Friday night, having just enjoyed a delicious tuna and avocado sandwich(a delicious but odd combination, which was put together after discussion with Leya on the phone- Leya=BFF). I am currently alone. I am almost never alone. Carl is almost always home, and I am the one "working"(working implies payment after all) 12-14 hour days, and then I come home, and then I leave again, and I'm never alone at work, and I get used to having people around.
Today Carl went home to enjoy some quality time with his version of a BFF. I went to the mall by myself. As I wandered around looking for jeans(is 70 dollars alot for jeans these days? Is that what the kids are paying?), and I felt akwardly too old for the junior department, but not old enough for the grown up department, I realized I had no one to go the mall with. Being on the island for almost 3 years pretty much inundated you with a constant stream of friends who always had the same free time you did, and conseqently, things became a huge group affair. Living with one of my best friends(yay KT!) also ensured that on a Saturday afternoon, there would be someone to hold up the other sofa(I always got the actual sofa, KT got the loveseat. There's a 7 inch height difference.)and watch silly TV with. I miss that. I miss my friends who graduated already. I didn't, even if I HAD to call someone to go with, have anyone who is in town to call. I enjoy my alone time, but I don't want it to be because that's my only option.
5 days till the Ross Reunion and Graduation!! And until then, I will watch the Real Housewives of New York, and enjoy the silence. And call my sisters and friends on the phone. :)

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