Monday, July 13, 2009

Why I cannot ride public transportation

Hello my internet peeps. I have survived another large animal rotation, and my good luck streak of not getting called in much seems to have continued to another rotation. We shall see what the last month brings. Right now I am in CHICAGO. I go on my first JOB INTERVIEW AS A DOCTOR in one week. I am SCARED. I also have a SECOND JOB INTERVIEW, a mere hour south of KT. In Pennsylvania. When I was asked on the phone today if I would move there, I said sure, why not? (Is the place that bad they would have to ask? They want to pick me up from the airport, maybe to make sure I don't get back on the plane, like Ross did at St. Kitts....hmmm)
Anyways. Today I started my externship.
I took the bus. I don't really take the bus. One time freshman year in college Leya and I got on a bus without knowing where it went. (By the way, don't do that. It's stupid. And then you have to call someone and tell them to come get you, when you panic after about 15 minutes of getting further and further away from campus) Ahhh 1998.
Sallie was nice enough to purchase two 7 day passes for me to ride the bus everyday. Hurray! I get on the bus, and I insert my 7 day pass into the slot. The unmarked slot. The unmarked slot that was apparently meant for cash. The card didn't come back out. It went into the black hole the cash goes into. I said, "my card didn't come back out". The bus driver laughed at me and said, "you put it in the wrong hole!". Me-"oh.Can I have it back?". Then she dosen't say anything and I sit down. I mull options for 15 minute bus ride, and then pull cord to get off, and approach driver again. Me" Can I somehow get my card back? I need it." Her-" You can write down your address and we can mail it to you" Me- well its a 7 day pass so by the time it gets back to me, then it will probably be close to expired...then I panicked cause people were pissed the bus was still stopped, so I Gainesville address, which makes no sense." My consolation prize....drumroll....
a 2 hour emergency pass that expired before I took the bus home.
Alas, I am meant to drive a car, do emergency surgeries, save pets, make complex animal shaped cakes, sing lyrics to every song created....
but not to ride the bus.
Sallie also got me surprise tickets to Billy Joel and Elton John on Thursday! On a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field! Thanks Big Sal!