Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to the barn....

I am now on Equine Reproduction. This basically entails us assisting with the great miracle of life in various formats.
1)A BSE, or Breeding Soundness Evaluation. If it's a stallion, we basically "collect" things from them, and then analyze them. I'm talking amount, color, consistency, and smell. Yes, I said smell.
2)"Teasing" a mare. I asked if this consists of putting a carrot on the other side of fence just out of reach. I thought I was funny.
3)This rotation is now an elective for the Class of 2011. This means I am the only person on the rotation that did not elect, or would not have, elected this rotation. I fake my enthusiasm while watching the clock.
4) I have senioritis/large animalitis. My enthusiasm does not correlate with people who have 2 years of school left. I feel very lonely.
5) I cannot get autoformat to stop f*cking up my resume. I find a job that sounds good, then refer to the PAVE state list, and realize it's not on there. This whole thing is frustrating.
6)Here's the PAVE state list. I have made comments about certain states. If you have an opinion, give a shout out. I am comment-less, and it makes me not want to blog.

Arizona(there's something called a javalina that attacks dogs there)
California(EXPENSIVE, but Kathleen, Kevin, and Kerry are all in Los Angeles)
Colorado(a good prospect)
Connecticut(I hear property taxes are insane, which is why only the rich live there)
Illinois(BIG SAL!)
Louisiana(Hurricane Katrina)
Maine(where is this?)
Massachusetts(a possibility)
Montana(brrr. and no.)
Nebraska(see above)
New York(KT!)
North Dakota(uh, have you seen Fargo? Me either.)
Puerto Rico(no, gracias)
Rhode Island(a small but mighty place?)
South Carolina(yes, but NO jobs there)
Tennessee(see above)
Texas(I have a shirt that says "I'd rather go to hell than texas")
Utah(seems far away)
Vermont(Ben and Jerry's)
Virgin Islands(I've done my time)
Virginia(Urban=traffic, Not so urban= banjo)
Washington( I think I would LOVE this)
Wyoming(If I cannot ID on a map, I am not meant to go there)
Ohio(I enjoy the buckeye confection)


  1. Kelly,

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does PAVE stand for?


  2. Pathway for Academic Veterinary Equivalence...and I owe you an email Matt!! :)

  3. Not a problem--it sounds like you're very busy. I've enjoyed reading your blog though and I'm curious as to where you'll end up.