Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Lois,

Lois you are my first cat. I remember the day I got you. It was 11/15/98, and my roommate at the time Lauren found you in Tallahassee on Campus Circle, and you were pregnant and all alone. We brought you home in a paper box from a copy center, and you ate a loaf of bread on the counter. You were forever home, and I was smitten. We had you spayed, and gave you a name, after the movie Corina Corina, with Whoopi Goldberg. My what a good cat you were. You would cuddle with me, and you loved to play under the covers.

You saw me through my college and vet school years, multiple boyfriends, roommates, houses, roommates pets, and 2 pets of our own. You didn't appreciate me adding either of them to our house, but you tolerated it, as you always did.You moved 1200 miles with me to St. Kitts, and when I knew no one and cried myself to sleep at night, you slept on my bed. You are the constant in my life that has been riddled with such change the past 10 years.
This last move was hard on you, physically. You aged greatly the past few years. But all I have to do is scratch your head to get your purrs started, and your place in my heart cements itself forever.

Lois today taught me that you will not be with me forever. I hope you know that I love you more than anything, that you are what taught me about everything cat related, that I will do everything for you to keep you as happy as possible.

(Today Lois went with me to school. She has some serious health issues that we are going to face as soon as we have the answers to them. I hope this is a bump in the road, and she has a few years left on her yet, but today was a sad, and scary day for me, and I needed to get this out)


  1. Oh, Kel. I'm sorry. Getting a little teary for my one and only niece.

  2. That was very touching--I hope she's okay. You two will definitely be in my thoughts.