Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leroy is a sensual being

Meet Leroy Brown.

As most of you know, I found Leroy when he was a wee pup on the golf course in St. Kitts. A mere 6 weeks old and 2lbs, he was brought into our home and quickly decided how things were going to be done.

As Leroy grew, so did his penchant for showing his "pleasure" in meeting other dogs. He was neutered at an early age, because as most of you know I have an unhealthy obsession with inquiring if a dog is spayed or neutered. Well I don't find it unhealthy, but others might find it weird.

They also might have found me taking these photos weird.

Currently when I take Leroy to the dog park, he strolls the perimeter looking for a victim. When he finds a dog whom he takes a liking to(normally long haired,the bigger the better, male/female not so important)and will try to hop on. At this point I will akwardly exclaim "He's neutered!" and smile politely... and the owners will a) become disgusted with my pervert dog and try to discourage said encounter or b)laugh at Leroy's attempts to be ginormus or c)Leroy will find a dog dislikes his attempts to be friends, and then Leroy will narrowly escape an ass beating.
I must point out his humping is transitional. After spending 24 hours with a dog, the thrill is gone, and things must be kept platonic. He dosen't want anyone getting too attached. And really, can you blame him?

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