Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And now I'm back, from outer space....

I apologized wholeheartedly for falling off the face of the earth. I shall summarize the last 2 months of my life as follows.

Chicago. Had a GREAT time visiting my sister, did an externship that I didn't care for, and had a job interview at a place that I wouldn't work for even if they offered me 300,000 dollars a year. Which they didn't. Actually they didn't offer me anything, or return my call or email after they asked ME to contact THEM after the interview. A-holes. I wouldn't work for them, but at the same time, wanted them to want me. Weird.
Also went to see Elton John/Billy Joel courtesy of sister Sallie. LOVED it. Didn't love feeling claustrophobic after getting stuck getting out of the concert. Apparently claustrophobia can come on later in life. Or maybe I'm generally going insane.
My Aunt B and Uncle John held a Congratulations to me/Engagement Party for Sallie and Aaron. I got to see my family, and it was nice to catch up with everyone.
Aunt Noraleen, Amanda, Beth, Sallie, and Kelly

Ummm, icing.

Love this picture of Wrigley Field. LOVE.

Sallie and I channel the inner Tyra Banks after a few Summer Shandys.

Sallie also chose her wedding dress! This is not it, but rather a dress I felt was designed for ladies in a more "delicate condition".

Finished clinics at UF. Got all A's in all things Large Animal over the summer. Had a great time, mostly because the hospital was very slow, and I spent alot of time looking for jobs. Also spent 2 weeks in South Florida spaying and neutering dogs and cats like it was, well my job. Which it sort of is now. Interesting. I stayed with sister Melanie, her hubby James, and nephew Avery! And the day after I drove home, their family grew by one more! Jackson Finn born September 6th, 2009, weighing 5 lbs, 5oz! His surprise arrival slightly ahead of schedule gets me excited because next year I see a combined birthday party! 1st and 31st!
Avery, Melanie, and aunt "Telly".

Which brings me to.....

Sent out 12 resumes. Applied to one head hunting service. Went on two job interviews. (See results of first one above)
1 new emergency associate position at Northeast Referral Hospital in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania!
Carl,Myself, Lois, Leroy Brown, and Mitter T are all moving to the great white north. I hope to instill a blog sub-section called the Great Snow Experiment. Stay tuned.


  1. I promise you, the snow won't kill you.


  2. I'd take Telly over Saggy any day. Ohh, that dress is awful!

  3. Congratulations on getting the position! You'll have make a pilgrimage to Scranton and visit Dunder Mifflin. :)

    Really, the snow isn't bad at all. You'll just have to learn to wear a scarf.